Speaking your Truth

What does it mean to "speak your truth" or "say your truth"? Sounds easy enough...But it's something that I've been working on in myself for many years. As an extremely shy child (not just shy, but like a wallflower shy, hiding behind my mom until I was too big to fit behind her anymore), I found it difficult and scary to say what I wanted or needed to say to anyone. As I grew, and explored what it was like to be an adult: floundering, exciting, adventurous, scary, I found myself trying to say what I needed to say, but it didn't come out right, like using a sarcastic tone, a quiet voice, blaming myself, or feeling angry inside for not saying anything! And showing anger was not something I did.

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As I've grown into a confident woman/person, I find it easier to say my truth, and don't beat around the bush or decide to stay quiet. When I want to say something, I ask myself "What is my truth here, what do I really feel inside?" Here are some examples of what it means to say or speak your truth in relation to not:

"I need to be held right now" vs. "When are going to show me you love me..."

"I feel hurt that you don't return my calls" vs. "You must be so busy these days, I never hear from you"

Notice where your intention is coming from, a place of honesty to yourself and them or a place of blame or criticism? When we stand in our truth, we find power, confidence, and inspiration. Not just for us, but for the person you are addressing. When we are truthful with others, they commonly will be truthful back. Sometimes when we get someones truth it can feel direct or hurtful, but ultimately, if we are awake enough to hear it, and understand that it comes from a place of honesty and love, it is an opportunity for us to grow.

Suze Orman, a successful author and speaker on our relationship with money, say's "Stand in your truth", in other words:

It is your truth and your light to stand in and it brings a warmth and light to your life, but only you can step into it.


What does it mean? 

  • It means taking off the masks we wear.
  • It means we stop worrying what others think. 
  • Refusing to pretend to be anyone or anywhere we are not. 
  • It means being honest with ourselves and others and finding strength in that honesty. 
  • It means having those tough conversations.

Practice saying your truth with small things, it can start with being truthful to yourself, such as: "I did the best I could in the situation" instead of "I'm so lousy at this", or when needing something from a friend: "I need someone to talk to right now about..." instead of "Can we meet for lunch, I haven't seen you in so long."

The world needs us to speak our truth to ourselves and to others, life is so short!

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